As health nuts, it might surprise you that until recently, we had never gone on a wellness retreat.  This is even more surprising given that we hail from San Francisco, where yoga studios are constantly offering up packages all over the world.  But when we have traveled in the past, we preferred to do things on our own schedule and not be confined to one area.  That was, until, we discovered Santani.


Santani Poolside

Like many wellness resorts, Santani offers yoga and spa treatments. What makes them unique is the complete customization of their packages.  No two people are alike. As such, Santani personalizes packages based on body composition, current lifestyle, stress, fitness, emotional state, and future goals.  The Head of Wellness, your personal Wellness Concierge, and an Ayurvedic doctor will use the assessment to customize your bespoke Santani program. Whether you are recovering from an addiction or simply want to de-stress, a wellness retreat may be your answer.


Infinity Pool at wellness retreat in Kandy

One of the most challenging parts of traveling, especially long-term, can be staying in shape.  Having the opportunity to practice yoga twice a day gave me that sense of accomplishment that I did not realize I missed so badly.  While we did our best to visit local gyms and fitness studios along our travels, having yoga built directly into our stay was so convenient.

Santani primarily focuses on Hatha Yoga and is available for guests to practice twice daily.  With this built into our schedule, I found myself eagerly anticipating the next class.  And if you are on the fence about yoga, you should know that it has shown to provide long-term benefits not only for body alignment but also to patients of respiratory problems, anxiety, high blood pressure, and arthritis.


Many of you might be thinking that a wellness retreat sounds like a great idea but is too pricey.  And while it is true that they can get very expensive, depending on the package it can actually be more economical than a regular vacation. During regular vacations, you make your own spending decisions, which can result in money leakage. We all know how easy it is to go over budget!  However, retreats are pre-planned and include exclusive features, in addition to all the facilities of a simple vacation. Thus, they can actually be more financially reliable. 

So, for your next holiday, pick a retreat that will actually give you the vacation your mind and body needs.

Santani invited us to stay as guests. All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. All opinions are our own.


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