Santani Wellness Retreat Grounds

An hour outside of Kandy tucked away in the lush, rolling mountains of Sri Lanka, lies the first and only purpose-built wellness resort in the country. Santani, meaning “in harmony with” in Sanskrit, is all about bringing balance to the modern world. Built according to the highest standards of sustainability and designed to leave the smallest footprint possible, Santani’s eco-conscious approach to hospitality left these two travelers in a state of bliss.


Each guest at Santani is given a private villa with a balcony overlooking the dramatic landscape of the hills and valley. Paying more than lip service to their eco-conscious mission statement, the villas utilize natural ventilation and light to great effect.

While Santani goes to great lengths to provide guests an opportunity to detox from the digital world, guests can request wi-fi in their room. We found it to be reliable and very fast, especially considering the remote location.


Food is an integral part of the Santani experience. On arrival, you sit down with the chef and his team to discuss dietary preferences. After the discussion, the chef detailed the next days’ meals, which were customized to meet our needs. A classically trained chef who spent most of his career in France, the Santani meals range from local Sri Lanka delicacies to gourmet western fare, depending on the guest’s palate. 

With three meals a day, customized to your program, Santani’s culinary team delivers a top-notch experience. My personal favorite was a mouth-watering Passion Fruit ice cream served over a dark chocolate tart. As you can probably surmise, weight loss was not one of my goals.


The quality of any health and wellness resort resides in its spa and yoga offerings. Consequently, Santani goes to great lengths to provide best in class service with both. Daily yoga, taught by a traditional practitioner of Hatha, is provided twice daily. As frequent visitors to yoga studios in San Francisco, we found Santani’s yoga classes challenging and centering. If you want to push the boundaries of your personal practice of yoga, private sessions are available. 

The spa features an extensive list of Ayurvedic treatments as well as traditional western options. Guests have access to the wet rooms with views of the natural surroundings, and a 16m infinity lap pool that overlooks the hillside.

While Santani Wellness Resort comes with a premium price tag, you are receiving a premium experience. The service from the moment you arrive at the resort is top notch, and the food is really spectacular. Despite visiting without a specific recovery goal in mind, we left feeling energized from our short stay.

Santani Wellness Resort is a fantastic option for solo travelers looking to get in touch with themselves or couples looking for a romantic experience focused on mutual internal discovery. Click here to book direct at Santani Wellness Resort for perks like free airport transfer (5+ nights) and 25% off all spa treatments.

We were invited as guests by Santani Wellness Resort. All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. All opinions are our own.