Bordering Yala National Park, Kirinda Lodge is part of the Ceilão Villas family-owned hotel group. The lodge was originally the dream home of their father, a passionate lover of wildlife. He would regale his children with bedtime stories of close encounters with wild animals. Staying at the property, it is easy to see how one could become spellbound by the surroundings.

As travelers arrive, they are transported back to a time when man lived side by side to the animal kingdom. A monitor lizard basks in the shade of a coconut tree. An ox grazes alongside the well. Travelers take tea on the veranda, soaking it all in.


Kirinda has two main lodges on the property; a standard lodge featuring two rooms with ensuite bathrooms and a family lodge with larger rooms. Rooms come stocked with water, shower amenities, and some very helpful shave kits for those of us who come unprepared.

The inner wall of the rooms are unique, made from a frame of mesh to prevent bugs from entering. That said, you are living in the wilderness, so the beds also feature a mosquito net.

We loved the aesthetics. The decor fit perfectly with the natural surroundings and added to the immersion of living in the wild, while still feeling upscale and modern.


Featuring a butler and the caretaker team of Premalatha and husband Sunil, Kirinda Lodge caters to your every need. As you are located quite literally in the wild, Kirinda offers full room and board, serving deliciously prepared Sri Lankan cuisine three times a day. Meals are prepared family style and the team is flexible in accommodating any dietary preferences.

Your butler is both guide and concierge. At sunset, he accompanied us to the lake to see the wildlife. Peacocks danced in the distance while a group of wild boar rolled in the mud on the opposite bank. He also arranged our safari in Yala and made recommendations for other local sites, such as the Kirinda Temple.

The Grounds

A beautiful pool situated against the wildlife reserve, it is a welcome respite from the heat. Beautiful birds will fly by as you relax, as well as a wide variety of multi-colored dragonfly.  Have tea on the front veranda, and watch water buffalo bathe in the lake while the sun sinks lower in the sky. Take to higher ground, and climb the watch tower at the front of the property for stunning panoramas of the surrounding lands. 

The grounds really are a highlight of any stay at Kirinda. They are alive with wildlife, and it made our entire stay an extension of our Yala safari experience. From the nesting peacock to a massive monitor lizard roaming the grounds, Kirinda Lodge is not to be missed.

Kirinda Lodge is the perfect option for couples looking for a romantic getaway, or for families looking for a secluded home away from home. Offering beautiful accommodations in a tranquil setting, the property provides a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

For a full board stay, which features large and delicious meals, the standard room for two is $120 USD per night. Click through here to book your stay at Kirinda Lodge!

We were invited as guests by Ceilão Villas. All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. All opinions are our own.

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