About Us

Hi! We are Tara & Michael, the husband and wife duo behind Passport Therapy. We are based out of the Bay Area, where we live with our pup, Elvis.

Tara was born in Singapore to ex-pat parents. She was one of four siblings who grew up in various parts of the world.

Michael was born and raised in the suburbs of San Francisco. His roots run deep, as both sides of his parents family live within 50 miles of his hometown.

Despite different beginnings, we were united by a passion for travel.  So, in 2017 we decided to pack up our belongings and hit the road for 7 months. Neither of us was was a novice traveler, but we were by no means prepared for that journey.

Today, we are back home in the Bay Area, saving and planning for our next big trip (while also taking smaller ones along the way). We continue to add content to Passport Therapy in hopes of inspiring others to take the leap and buy that plane ticket (or rent that van!)

Follow along to hear about our personal trials & tribulations (how in the hell did we manage to watch Game of Thrones while traveling through South America?!), learn from our mistakes (don’t pack useless crap!), and find out what we love so much about traveling.

It won’t always be pretty, or fun, but it will be an adventure.